Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter Break Fun-shop Camp!

People between the ages of 5-11 are invited to join us for a fun workshop. The workshop days are January 3 (Friday) and January 6 (Monday) and people may attend one or both, whatever works best! Hours are 8-5.

We are super duper excited to get together for some end of break fun. Some of the things we will do: 

Hiking on the greenbelt
Writing and drama
Making things

Please contact me with questions or to reserve a space! I'd love to hear more about which of the activities sound most interesting when you get in touch.And also if you need to tweak the hours.

About the workshop and leaders: 

From Laura: I am a workshop leader, play producer, mama, and cooking aficionado.  The camp will take place in my yard and home near Zilker Park/S. Lamar area, and will be co-led by my 13 yr old assistant. 

$35/full day
$20/half day
Limited to 10 kids

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting girls excited about coding

Technology is not necessarily a subject for students but instead it is part of every minute.  Yet,  interest in coding and tech careers can be elusive.

Research based ideas:
Media production: This link is to a paper by Rich, Perry and Guzdial describing an undergraduate course that drew women into the computer science field.
Social issue/tech for good: Elaine: it says Not why but what? Needs to have a meaning. Girls make a website for how to boost enrollment for girls in STEM program. 'Let's make a page- we can be one of the stations that we can show what we do'
Tinkering and making (see dollhouse and high tech textile ideas below)

What are some strategies that you have found effective?
Social issue games: The above case study (link) discusses two 6th grade girls and their experience making a game about an issue important to them, teen pregnancy and drop out prevention. 
Girl Scouts of USA research and personal experience have shown me that engagement in a cause that has personal resonance can be highly motivating. Many girls cite an interest in changing the world as a factor in choosing a career path.

Black Girls Code: go to Past Events on site, for examples of the following

Media production
Web page production
iPod Film making

Other ideas:
Robotics programs

Contests, such as the National STEM Video Game Challenge

Mentoring programs

High Tech Textile Design

ADA fruit 

Roominate (DIY dollhouse)

Suggestions about grant funding:
Local electric companies
Region 10

Other ideas:
Saint Ignatius: Uses students as the Tech crew, architect

technovation- NSF funded- girls get together to create android apps with MIT app inventor
Girl Startup- in San Antonio

Hole in the Wall school

A very thorough list of game making environments: Digital Game Making Environments

Dot Alice

App building tools:
Touchapp Creator

Blockly Maze (demo)